CNN rating chartRating chart CNNCNN ratings chartsWhy is CNN dropping Sadly, for networks like CNN that continue to focus on telling tales as opposed to providing worthy news, the outlook continues to worsen and it appears that this trend is set to gain traction. CNN keeps getting bogged down with bad news Its prime-time viewership […]


Happy Retirementearly retirementaverage retirement age Early Retirement sounds catchy but in most cases, its nothing but a pitch made my snake oil salesman.And that is how the Retirement lie was conceived; continue reading to find out the details:The world is going to end, the US dollar is going to crash, Gold will soar to the […]


Health and FitnessDIETARY SUPPLEMENTSNUTRITIONDIETS & WEIGHT LOSS At Fitness4rever.com we believe that wellness incorporates mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental well-being. Hence We also believe that wellness is our shared journey, which is why we have a community of voices on Shealthfitness offering unique perspectives to help you cultivate a life of greater meaning, connection, […]